New look

I’ve changed up the look of my blog a bit.  What do you think? It’s still a work in progress. I’d forgotten how hard it is to select a new theme. But, I think I’ve found one I like. I’d prefer it to be a little more customizable, but I like the basic look. I’ll probably be tweaking the look for a while, though.

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I’m not as young as I once was

I thought I’d left the cold and snow behind when I moved to Arizona. It’s normally warm and dry here, but this week we got a good bit of snow.


That was on Wednesday. Today, Saturday, most of the snow was gone. I guess it’s been long enough since I’ve lived in a snowy environment that I’d forgotten how sneaky and treacherous the stuff can be.

My husband and I were out and about today. We stopped at TSC (Tractor Supply). Walking across the parking lot, we both thought it was just wet. But, sneaky, treacherous black ice was lurking. I hit it, slipped and went backwards. Hubby tried to catch me, and slightly succeeded. I ended up with a wet butt, and I thought that was all. However, a few hours later, and I’m stiff and sore. Hubby said he thought I twisted my body when I slipped and I think he’s right.

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New year, new look

In my last post I wrote about goals. Another goal that I hope to accomplish very shortly is to give this blog a facelift. I have content on this blog that is outdated (writing links, rates, resume to name a few) and I need to really spend the time to update it. I’m also going to change the theme and layout I believe. I’ve been exploring some of the WP themes (the free ones) to see if there’s one I like better than the one  I’m using. I’ve found a few I like, I just haven’t settled on one yet. Does anybody out there have any suggestions?

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2015 Goals

The first day of 2015 is almost over. I’ve given this some thought and decided I would write down my goals for this year. Goals — not resolutions. Not lofty goals either, but realistic ones — goals that are easily achievable.

1. Lose weight — I’m not going to put a specific number here. I have one in mind, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t hit that number. I just need to lose weight, and I’ll be happy with whatever I lose.

2. Eat and drink healthier — something that should help in my weight loss. I have poor eating habits; I freely admit that. I have to realize that I can’t eat like I did when I was in high school. I also know that I don’t drink near enough water. I bought a new water bottle today and aim to drink at least 4 bottles of water daily. Yeah, I know that’s less than recommended, but more than I’m currently drinking.

3. Exercise more — continuing in the same vein, exercising will also help with the weight loss. It will help with a lot of other things too, and will generally make me feel better. I’ve had a tendency lately to sit, a lot. And once I’m sitting, I don’t move. I have a treadmill, and I need to use it regularly.

4. Write more — I have several blogs that I’ve ignored lately. I hope to write something in at least one of them every day, even if it’s just a brief thought, a rant, a meme. I also hope to get back to writing poetry, articles and hey, maybe even a story or two.

5. Build my DS business. I’m an associate for a DS company called Charmsations. We sell personalized sliding charm jewelry and accessories. I need to work it more, and be consistent.

6. Build my craft business. I also do crafts, mostly beaded jewelry and crochet items. I sell at craft shows, but I want to have an online presence. I started an etsy shop over a year ago but never did anything with it. I also started an ecommerce website but kind of let that fall through the cracks as well. Now that I have internet at home again, I’ll be able to stay on top of these endeavors.

7. Become more involved — this is pretty broad and I really haven’t given much thought as to what I’m going to focus on, so I’ll address this goal again later.

This is a start. I have a few more goals that I want to accomplish this year, and I’ll get to those in my next post.

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Happy Thanksgiving


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Today’s Ten Thoughts

I should have posted this first thing this morning but time got away from me, so here it is now.

1. The next few days at work are going to be a nightmare since we are short staffed. I hope they hire someone for the empty position soon.
2. Several of my friends are going through some rough times right now. Prayers for Alisa and family, Dyllan, Shirley, Terri and anyone else who may need them.
3. Sammy is a crazy cat.
4. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. Where has this year gone?
5. 70 plus inches of snow in Buffalo. No thanks. I’ll take the desert hands down.
6. I want to go to Vegas.
7. I really wish I could get rid of my migraines.
8. My mammogram came back clean. I was really worried since it was the first one I’d ever gotten.
9. I get blood work done Thursday. That means I have to fast Wednesday night.
10. I have a 6:30am meeting tomorrow. Thankfully the meeting is only once a month.

I made it!

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Mondays should be optional

Monday. Ugh. I hate Mondays. Nothing ever seems to go right on Mondays.

This particular Monday was an exceptionally long and rather chaotic day. Unfortunately I think the forthcoming days are going to be just as chaotic. We are already down one person at work due to a position being vacant. Another person is out for a while due to a family emergency, and a third is pregnant and due to give birth at any moment.

Those of us remaining in the office will pull through and make it work, because that’s what we do. We’re the office of awesomeness.

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