About Beth VanHoose

Beth VanHoose is a freelance writer,with over 6 years experience writing for the web in a variety of subjects. She has produced content for a variety of websites, and maintains several personal blogs. Her work can be seen at her website, Writing In The Sand. She writes poetry as a hobby, and is full of ideas for the next Great American Novel or trashy beach read. Beth holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University. Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Beth worked in broadcast television for 24 years. Because writing doesn’t always pay the bills, Beth works full-time as receptionist for the local high school.

Beth currently lives in Kingman, Arizona. Prior to moving to Kingman in 2008, Beth lived in the Kansas City area, where she spent all of her life until now. When she’s not writing, Beth enjoys reading, making beaded and wire jewelry, crocheting, attending craft shows, camping, volunteer work, animals, finding bargains. She also spends time exploring her current surroundings with her husband, and playing with her furbabies – Whitley, the dog; and Max, the cat.


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