I’m not as young as I once was

I thought I’d left the cold and snow behind when I moved to Arizona. It’s normally warm and dry here, but this week we got a good bit of snow.


That was on Wednesday. Today, Saturday, most of the snow was gone. I guess it’s been long enough since I’ve lived in a snowy environment that I’d forgotten how sneaky and treacherous the stuff can be.

My husband and I were out and about today. We stopped at TSC (Tractor Supply). Walking across the parking lot, we both thought it was just wet. But, sneaky, treacherous black ice was lurking. I hit it, slipped and went backwards. Hubby tried to catch me, and slightly succeeded. I ended up with a wet butt, and I thought that was all. However, a few hours later, and I’m stiff and sore. Hubby said he thought I twisted my body when I slipped and I think he’s right.


About Beth

I'm a part-time freelance writer, full-time high school CTE administrative assistant, mother, wife and dreamer. In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, watching movies and spending time with my best friend and love of my life.
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