Chased by Snowmen

My dad sat up in bed and asked “Russell, is that you?” I was standing in the doorway and said “No, it’s John”. John had come in and wanted to talk.

Note: Russell and John are real people, but I’ll only use first names here. They are people I used to work with, although not at the same job. They are not people my dad would know, and they are certainly not guys I would normally have dreams about. No offense to Russell and John.

I walked over to the couch with John to talk. I don’t remember what we talked about. The next thing I remember is that I’m at a department store looking at scarves. I was trying to decide between a peach knit scarf and a silk dusty yellow scarf with fringe. Both scarves were on sale, and I was trying to determine what the final cost would be after the percentage off. While looking at the scarves, the phone rang. Not a cell phone, but a phone on the wall at the department store. There was no one else around, so I answered it. It was John, and he said “I know you didn’t want to talk before, but call ext. 1122 and we’ll talk.” Then he hung up.

So I called ext. 1122. The person who answered the phone answered it with the name of yet another place I worked, but not with either Russell or John. I asked for John, and she transferred me. The phone was then answered by someone named Samson. I don’t know anyone named Samson. I asked for John again, and Samson told me John wasn’t there.

After hanging up the phone, I head outside, wearing the yellow scarf. I have no idea if I paid for the scarf, or if I shoplifted. It’s nighttime. There are lights in the parking lot, but no cars. There is a group of people in the distance, so I wander over to them to see what is going on. John is there with a girl named Amy. I didn’t know her, but she looked like Holly Hunter in the movie “Broadcast News”. Anyway, it appears to be some kind of ritual. As I’m watching, people in the group start to turn into snowmen, including Amy and John. As John is turning into a snowman, he sees me watching. I turn to run away, and John runs after me. I discovered he could move pretty fast even though he didn’t have any legs; just that big ball of snow.

He yelled at me to wait, but I kept running, up this snow-covered hill. As I’m running, I look to my left and see that I’m on a cliff that drops into the ocean. I see a cave in the snow on my right, so I go in. It’s pretty roomy and inhabited by a pack of polar bears. Not real bears, but the computer-generated ones like in the Coke commercials.

A bunch of snowmen are following me and we (the bears and I) can hear them getting closer. The bears start digging another cave for me to hide in. While they are digging, the snowmen find the cave and come in looking for me. I go into the new cave, and snow woman Amy follows. I keep going and soon the cave opens up onto the cliff. I come to a stop, but Amy keeps going. She falls over the edge of the cliff into the ocean, but it’s not really the ocean. It’s hot chocolate. As Snow Amy hits the surface she turns into marshmallows. All the snowmen and the bears peer over the edge while I lean back against the snow-covered hill, shaking. One of the bears comes over and pats the top of my head.

Then I woke up, with my dog stretched out on my pillow, his feet on the top of my head.


About Beth

I'm a part-time freelance writer, full-time high school CTE administrative assistant, mother, wife and dreamer. In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, watching movies and spending time with my best friend and love of my life.
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