The Job Service

I hate going to the job service. No matter what time I go, there’s always a wait. They open at 8am, and today I was there at 8:10. I still had to wait an hour before I got called in. Then, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. The “counselors” here are useless as far as I’m concerned.

In other states, when I’ve registered with the job service, the counselors actually match you up with jobs you are qualified for. Here, you register, then you look through the list of available jobs, and you pick the ones you like. Then, you meet with the counselor, who basically reads you the job description- which you already read to determine if you wanted to apply for the job in the first place. There might be some additional qualifications or information not on the job order, but not often. Then, they tell you the company and how to apply, and give you a piece of paper with the information. That’s it.

And, when you meet with the counselor, you can only have a maximum of three jobs you want to apply for. If you don’t meet all the qualifications, they don’t give you the recommendation sheet to apply. But, you can’t select a third job to replace it.

Generally, I find it to be a waste of time. Often, when I go to the job service site, with a little research I can figure out on my own who the job is with, and apply directly through them without going through the job service. Once in a while though, I can’t figure out the company, and will make a trip to the job service if it’s something I’m really interested in. I usually go down there once a month or so.

So far, nothing has panned out. It’s coming up two years without a job. I like having the freedom and being at home, but I hate not having any money. I’m trying to write, but that’s not paying the bills yet. I really need a part time job, but nobody seems to want to hire me.

The job service counselors say I’m too smart and overqualified. I hate the word “overqualified”. As far as I’m concerned, I’m qualified for any job that requires any of the skills I have. Another thing I really hate is employers determining for me that I wouldn’t be happy doing whatever job they have available. Uh, if I didn’t think I’d be happy at the job, I wouldn’t have applied. I just need someone to give me a chance.


About Beth

I'm a part-time freelance writer, full-time high school CTE administrative assistant, mother, wife and dreamer. In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, watching movies and spending time with my best friend and love of my life.
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