The Things You See At Wal-Mart

Image courtesy ShipFan 
via Wikimedia Commons
So, I head into Wal-Mart today to do a little shopping, and the greeter made me feel like dancing. Now, I don’t normally feel that way when I go to Wal-Mart, but I swear, the greeter today looked a lot like Leo Sayer. He even had on a Starsky and Hutch 70’s sweater – you know, the ones like Paul Michael Glaser wore in that show?

While doing my shopping I saw a woman wearing those new fitness shoes; you know, the ones that are supposed to strengthen your calves, tighten your butt and improve your posture?
However, I think you have to do more than just WEAR the shoes in order for them to do any good. This lady was wearing them, but riding around in one of Wal-Mart’s scooters. Ok, to be fair, she did do a little walking…she’d park the scooter in the middle of the aisle, and then get up and walk to get her items, and then get back on the cart.  She walked just fine, with no assistance, and didn’t require any oxygen or anything that I could see. She did have a few extra pounds, but there was nothing that seemed to require the scooter, except laziness. Oh, and she walked, carrying her bags, from the store to the car. Anyway,wearing the fitness shoes and then riding the scooter the whole time kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?
Then, on my way home, I saw a box truck at the intersection, driven by a large burly man. Painted, in large letters on the side of the truck was “Waxie Sanitary Supplies”. I assume it was for a cleaning product or cleaning company, but that’s not the first thing that came to my mind. I don’t think I have to tell you what did. If I were a big, burly man, I would not want to be driving around in a truck that said “sanitary supplies” on it.
I’ll close out with a little Leo Sayer:
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