Job outlook: 10/21/09

I must really suck or something.  I had an interview last week that I thought went really well.  The whole tone of the interview was upbeat, and I was really feeling good about it.  The interview told me that I would be contacted last Friday (10/16) or Monday (10/19) if I was selected.  It’s now Wednesday, and no contact.

It’s getting very depressing.  I’ve lost all confidence in myself.  And, none of the jobs I’ve interviewed for have even checked my references. Why not?  Because they (the employers, not my references), are idiots. We are so frickin’ behind in bills, we’re never going to catch up.  I’ve now drained the last of my old 401K, just so we can pay rent etc.

I’ve given up looking, I mean, what’s the point?

I did secure a couple of WAH jobs this week, as long as I can pass training and the tests.  But the pay is minimal so I don’t know really how much good they will do until I can get started. Getting these really doesn’t help my self-esteem much because there’s no interview process so they seem to hire just about anybody, and from the looks of some of the posts on some forums I belong to, I mean just about anybody.

As for writing, I’ve given up on Demand Studios, and probably Examiner.  Suite 101 is by far my best residual source, but even that’s not doing too well.  Watch for a separate post on my writing endeavors.

Good news though, the DH got a job! Finally…not his fault at all, because, just  like me, he looked everywhere.  Anyway, he started this past Monday.  It’s delivering/installing appliances.  The pay isn’t all that great, but it’s better than minimum wage, and it’s also better than nothing.

I took some time the other day and made a list of all the places I could remember that he and I have applied to since we’ve been in Kingman.  I didn’t count my WAH/writing jobs.

I know I’m missing some. I counted 29 applications for me, with 9 interviews.  For DH, I could think of 36 apps he put in, with 10 interviews and 2 jobs (he worked for a car dealer Dec 2008-Apr 2009 but got laid off).  He also applied for several railroad jobs out of the area.  I’m not counting the jobs applied for directly through the job service, or being on the roster of a staffing agency.

Which, by the way, is a joke. He and I are both registered.  He got one job through them, which he hated.  The first time I talked with them, the girl took one look at my resume and told me she couldn’t help me because they “didn’t have any of that here”. (broadcasting)  Stupid idiot didn’t even bother to look past my actual job title or company name.  When I finally got to talk to someone who seemed like she had brains, she told me there would be no problem in finding me something.  That was 3 months ago and I haven’t gotten a single thing through them yet.



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I'm a part-time freelance writer, full-time high school CTE administrative assistant, mother, wife and dreamer. In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, watching movies and spending time with my best friend and love of my life.
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One Response to Job outlook: 10/21/09

  1. Beth Thurman says:

    Due to people submitting false resumes and certificates/diplomas, bckground checks have increased. I saw a news report a few months ago and cannot locate the source to send to you so you can read/see the info. But, maybe your background check is in and waiting in a stack.

    I too am unemployeed and if you want I can send you a list of all of the online resume/job sites I have posted to.

    Don’t give up and loads of good luck to you. BTW: The definition of luck is where opportunity meets preparation. 🙂

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