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dbdbrobot via flickrThis blog is about my writing adventures.  I’m generally not going to post job links, because there are several places to find jobs, and several sites that cull the job boards and post links. These sites do a far, far better job than I could ever do. I will, however, share the links to some of my favorite sites that provide job lists and links.

My number one, all-time favorite site is Freelance Writing Jobs. Deb Ng and her network of bloggers do a fantastic job with this site.  Not only does Deb provide a list of job links daily (Monday through Friday, and sometimes the weekends), there are also helpful posts on the freelance writing life throughout the blog. She also features jobs that are sent directly to her. If you’re not familiar with FWJ, you really need to spend some time checking it out.  It’s a daily stop for me.

Another favorite is Anne Wayman’s About Freelance Writing. Anne posts job leads on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She also has plenty of posts helpful to writers. I personally love her Ask Anne, the Pro Writer feature.  Although I’ve never asked a question, I find that many struggling writers have the same questions I do, so I generally find some helpful tip there.

Another blog I enjoy that posts job leads is Work At Home Mafia, although since she went to a strictly blog format (it used to be a forum), the job lead postings are sporadic.

Jenn Mattern at All Freelance Writing also posts job leads.  I enjoy her blog, but I don’t visit it as much as the others, as it appears to me that more of her leads come from bidding sites such as oDesk and GetAFreelancer.  Nothing wrong with the bidding sites, I just don’t use them.

Two forums I frequent that post writing jobs are and Absolute Write.  At, you can find job posts in the Telecommuting Moms folder, the WAHMs Who Write folder, and the Blogging folder. Of course, they post other WAH jobs besides writing.  Absolute Write has folders for Paying Markets and SEO/Content/Blog Networks.

It’s easy and convenient to visit all the sites I’ve listed and get job leads, but I don’t rely solely on these sites.  I can’t understand why people get upset when any one of the above sites doesn’t get the links posted.  Stuff happens!  Deb Ng has commented many times on her blog that she gets nasty emails if she doesn’t get job leads posted. It’s amazing to me that people will actually complain about a FREE service that she’s under no obligation to provide.

Anyway, here are some job boards that I check regularly (whether Deb, Anne, Jenn, Kim and others have posted leads or not).

Craigslist – yeah, some of the jobs are scams, and searching multiple cities is daunting, but there are some decent leads here.  I use a tool called Search Tempest (formerly Craigs Helper) when I’m searching multiple cities.

Online Writing Jobs – mostly Craigslist jobs. This list divides the jobs into categories, such as copywriting, ghostwriting, blogging, content writing, etc.  There are also writing-related jobs such as proofreading, research and copy editing.

Problogger job board – a good list of blogging jobs.

A few places I visit feature other WAH jobs as well as writing jobs.   The two I visit most often are Rat Race Rebellion and Modern Telecommuter.

There are many other freelance writing sites and job boards out there.  Which ones do you visit?

Photo credit: dbdbrobot via flickr


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I'm a part-time freelance writer, full-time high school CTE administrative assistant, mother, wife and dreamer. In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, watching movies and spending time with my best friend and love of my life.
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