SRC Leads – Survey Resource Center

Founded in 1998, SRC Leads, or Survey Resource Center, provides quality customer leads to financial services and insurance companies. When the company first began, they solely provided leads for life insurance professionals. Over the years they have expanded, providing leads for annuities, financial planning, long term care insurance, debt refinancing and reverse mortgages.

The leads that SRC Leads provides are targeted to the specific need and location of the client. Their database is updated every three months, so the leads they provide are fresh and current. Because of their access to many sources, SRC Leads is able to cross-reference and ‘double-verify’ all of their leads.

SRC Leads
is used by over 15,000 sales professionals nationwide, and they are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. They offer a 3-way guarantee, guaranteeing the accuracy of the leads, a 6-month exclusivity on the leads, and 100% money-back guarantee within the first 90 days if you are not satisfied. Whether you need just a few leads or a large number, SRC Leads can provide them for you quickly and accurately.

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4 Responses to SRC Leads – Survey Resource Center

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried SRC in April 2008. They had all these promises, none which came true. It turns out that they basically sell what might be considered "public records" or "census" data.When one of my assistants was so frustrated they refused to continue using the list and the other had zero luck so I asked for a refund, which was guaranteed. This was in June. They first said the owner was out of town and was the only person who had the "refund form." A few weeks later after multiple calls and emails I got the form. I sent it in in June. After many calls and emails, in November I got a partial refund (less 30%). So it cost me over $200 to "try" SRC.They also go by different names, etc.If you want your money back, or at least the chance of getting some of it, keep pestering them. I almost went to the govt

  2. vanson says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAMSave your money and time.There are much better places to buy leads (targetleads for example)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I too have heard nothing but negative about SRC. I contacted the better business bureau and they shared with me that they have been receiving more and frequent complaints about SRC. In fact, I spoke with Anthony Chavez from SRC this morning, and he told me I have to have my decision to purchase back to him by noon, or he would sell 'my' leads to someone else in the local area.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I have heard nothing but complaints about SRC leads. People paying money and getting nothing and then unable to connect with anyone.

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