– lying bastards

Below are a couple of recent posts from the forums from the admins, that they posted after a bunch of bloggers were kicked out of their program.

We know that it is the nature of the business for there to be controversy whenever rates are dropped. We’ve said before and wil say again, it is not something we take lightly and it is a business decision based on a blogs[sic] performance . We understand the disappointmnet and as many respect our decisions, we also respect anyone’s decision if they decide to leave

However, we are trying to maintain a certain level of professionalism in the forum and find that repeated requests to users to contact support in regards to payment or personal matters go unheeded.

As such we will reiterate that any matter of a personal nature regarding your blogs pay structure or changes in pay should be communicated to

Posts of a nature that are negative and posted to inflame the blogging community out of spite will be removed and account priviledges will be revoked and the user will be out of the program forfeiting any earnings to date.

Disgruntled bloggers who wish to leave the program should do so by contacting We ask that you do not aggravate the situation by posting a negative post on your blog, or a redirect to another blog exclaiming that you are leaving Such posts will be removed and will afect the close of your account. Deleting posts pending review will also affect your account balance and the close of your account.

Bloggers who’ve broken these rules to date will be contacted by Support after audits have been run on the blogs affected by rate changes.

We are sorry to have to go this route and apologize to all the member who participate in the forum, following the rule and engaging in positive communication with other bloggers and staff. We hope to minimize the disruption so that the forum is as much an enjoyable place to be as is blogging.

We that all for their consideration in this matter and will work with anybody who contacts support in an appropriate manner regarding any issues they are having blogging with

Note in the bolded text above that they say they will ban any bloggers who make negative posts about, or posts that redirect users to another blog. I did neither, yet got banned because they determined I was “unhappy”. I didn’t know that I was signing up for a psychological evaluation when I signed on with

I did ask a question about the pay threshold (which I think is why I was banned), which they address in this next forum post.

Moving forward with our plans to get the message out to potential advertisers and to work with current and new bloggers interested in revenue sharing with we wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions we get when a blog’s pay is cut.

Due to our renewed goals for the network, here is what can and cannot do for any blogger not happy blogging with no longer offers transferring to free blog hosting. If you leave the URL and content remains online and reserves the right to reassign the blog with the content (Blogs do not become “inactive”, accounts do.) will not change the Terms and Conditions in regards to content rights. Since the content is purchased under a work for hire agreement , content is the property of Any blogger who wishes to purchase their content back can contact directly to purchase it at the value paid plus 10%. will not lower the payout amount from $50. We feel that if it is not your goal for your blog to make more than $50 in a month or two than [sic] is not the network for you. We are looking for people whose goals are in line with ours, working beyond the minimum to get maximum returns.

To reiterate in our previous post, Forum & Blog Posting Guidelines Regarding Rate Changes and Performance, if you determine you are no longer a fit for the program than [sic] we of course wish you the best in your future endeavors however “Goodbye” posts announcing you are leaving or moving your blog to such and such link(s) will affect the close of your account.

For bloggers who remain in the program, we will get the programs and tools out there for you to make your blog profitable beyond what pay per post could do for you.

The Team

“We feel that if it is not your goal for your blog to make more than $50 in a month…”. Of course it was my goal for my blog to make more than $50 in a month! It just wasn’t possible with the pissant pay that was giving its bloggers. The programs put in place to “help” the bloggers make money were put in place to help make money, not the bloggers.

Short and simple, if you don’t make money for, they don’t want you.

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3 Responses to – lying bastards

  1. Marilynne says:

    I didn’t write anything that I’d try to market somewhere else, so I’m OK with them keeping my content. However, in my opinion the best bloggers have left because of their policies. I still go back to read, and the quality of the reading has gone wwaaaayyyyy down.Marilynne

  2. Chinaren says:

    I’m not a member of (and never will be judging on this), but the main thing I find shocking is that your content is their content in fact! I wonder how many Todayers read the fine print when they signed up and knew that?I wouldn’t join simply because of that, unless they paid be loads for each post that is!

  3. Phyl says:

    Your last line? Absolutely true.And it could be added that with the extreme time and effort we were expected to put in, dragging paid-ad-clickers to the site, we were essentially commanded to be unpaid marketers for our job.And the blogs that were kicked out? Were really high-quality, high-content blogs that all of us worked very hard to make that way.So obviously, Td.c’s emphasis is NOT on quality, but on ad-clickers and nothing but ad-clickers.

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