Max’s needs

Mommy did this on her blog and with some of her friends at Facebook. It looked like fun so I thought I’d try it.

Get your human to type your name and the word “needs” into Google, and see what funny things it tells you that you need.

Tell me what the first 10 things are that Google tells you.

Here are my 10:

1. Max needs….your old kilts (what are kilts? can I eat them?)
2. Max needs….to go outside (I LOVE outside! Mommy won’t let me out much though)
3. Max needs….wheels (what would I do with wheels?)
4. Max needs….mommy (ALWAYS! I love mommy!)
5. Max needs….a home (huh? I have a home)
6. Max needs…a girlfriend (what would I do with a girlfriend? Mommy had the V-E-T take care of that a long time ago)
7. Max needs….a new pair of gloves (better make that two pair ~ I have four hands, er, feet ya know)
8. Max needs….a permanent home (I said, I have a home!)
9. Max needs….your help (for what?)
10. Max needs….love (I get plenty of love from Mommy and Daddy)


About Beth

I'm a part-time freelance writer, full-time high school CTE administrative assistant, mother, wife and dreamer. In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, watching movies and spending time with my best friend and love of my life.
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